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PTFC Camps Passport Program

This year we are launching the PTFC Passport program to show our loyal customers how much we appreciate them! Come to camps throughout the year to earn stamps for your passport that you can redeem for cool prizes! 

4 unique camps: 2 game tickets
6 unique camps: 1 jersey
10 unique camps: on-field experience

Stamps are given per account, not per participant. 

See rules and FAQ below for more info! 


  • To get your passport, ask the admin at your camp location and they will give you your passport and your first stamp.

  • PTFC Camps Passport Rewards are as follows: 

          - 4 unique camps = 2 game tickets 

          - 6 unique camps= 1 jersey 

          - 10 unique camps = on–field experience 

  • Stamps will be given for each unique camp program purchased and attended by a single account. 

          - Unique camps are either on different weeks or are different programs during the same week.  

  • Loyalty stamps are given per account NOT per participant. 

          - 2 participants signed up for the same 5 camps only counts as 5 stamps. 

  • To receive a stamp for your camp, please ask the admin at your camp for a stamp on Tuesday. We ask that no stamps are given on Monday so our initial check-in process can go as fast as possible. 

  • Redemption instructions 

          - To redeem, give your passport to the admin during the camp you are attending. They will verify it with the office. Once verified and delivered to the              office, PTFC Camps will reach out to you with your reward through email. Redemption is only official when the passport is in the possession of the                  office.  

          - Once you redeem your passport, you can ask for a second passport to work toward rewards, starting with 0 camps attended.  

  • Passports may only be redeemed once. 

          - If redeemed at 6 unique camps or 10 unique camps you will receive the preceding prizes. 

          - Ex: If redeemed at 6 unique camps you will receive 2 tickets and a jersey. 

          - Ex: If redeemed at 10 unique camps you will receive the on-field experience, 2 tickets, and a jersey. 

  • The PTFC Passport expires on 12/31 of the year listed.  

  • If your passport is lost, inform the camp admin on site and they will provide you with a new passport. They will contact the office in order to correctly re-stamp your passport.  

  • Organizations are not eligible for the loyalty program.  

  • To participate in the on-field experience, participants must have attended a PTFC Camp under the account that received the loyalty reward. 

  • On field experiences are limited to 4 spots, each participant of the on-field experience will receive a ticket for the match. 


What happens if I lose my passport? 

  • Your passport can be replaced by the admin at any of our camp locations. Inform them you need a replacement, and they will contact the office to ensure you receive a new passport with the correct number of stamps.  

How do I redeem my passport? 

  • You can redeem your passport at any time by turning it in to the admin at the camp you are attending. They will verify your reward achieved with the office. Once the office receives your passport, they will send you an email on receiving your reward.  

Can I redeem more than one passport in a single year? 

  • Yes, if you redeem your passport after 4 stamps you can ask the camp admin for a new passport. You can redeem this second passport after 4 stamps for another 2 tickets. Note: Passports are only valid for the year in which they are dated.  

Do I get two stamps if I have two kids who attend the same camp? 

  • No, you only will receive one stamp. Stamps are given based on the account that purchases the camp, not the number of participants.  

What is the on-field experience? 

  • The on-field experience varies depending on availability. Options include but are not limited to: Holding the center flag before the match and watching warmups on the field. Once you redeem your passport for an on-field experience, the office will reach out to you with the experience available.  

Can all my kids participate in the on-field experience? 

  • The on-field experience is limited to 4 participants per account, they all must have attended a camp under your account.  

If my kids participate in the on-field experience, do they get tickets to the game?  

  • Yes, they will be given tickets to the match in which they have the on-field experience.  

Do I get a ticket for when my kid receives the on-field experience?  

  • The 2 tickets earned from the first tier will be used for this game experience. Your child will be given his/her own ticket; granting you 3 tickets for this game centered around the on-field experience.  

If I have multiple kids on my account do they all get jerseys? 

  • No, only one jersey is given for the 6 unique camps reward.  

What if I want to redeem my passport for tickets but the season is over? 

  • As long as you redeem your passport before it expires, we will ensure you get your rewards! If the season is over, we will get you tickets for the following season.  



If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected] or call us at 503-553-5516.