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PTFC 3v3 Tournament

Calling all soccer fans! The Portland Timbers and Thorns invite you to join our first ever PTFC 3v3 Tournament, held directly on our home pitch!

We will host many different brackets to accommodate co-ed players from the ages of 8 to 60 years old. No matter your age or skill level, we have a level of competition right for you.

This three-day tournament will be double-elimination style where each team is guaranteed to play at least two games. Please see the details below for a breakdown of the brackets to help you decide which bracket your team should register for.

*Teams should register based upon the birth year of their oldest player. No more than 6 players to a team.

*During the registration process, you will be asked a very important question: Would you like to be enrolled in the more competitive bracket or less competitive bracket for your age range. This helps determine the skill level of your team and allows us to create more competitive and balanced brackets. Whether you are a recreational or competitive level team, we want to make sure we get you placed in a bracket that will be right for you.

Boys Youth Tournament: Accepts teams of 8-year-olds through 17-year-olds. Once registrations are in, you will be placed in a bracket with other teams your age.

Girls Youth Tournament: Accepts teams of 8-year-olds through 17-year-olds. Once registrations are in, you will be placed in a bracket with other teams your age.

Co-Ed Adult Tournament: Accepts co-ed teams of 18 through 60-year-olds. Once registrations are in, you will be placed in a bracket with other teams in your specified skill level.

A designated head coach will need to initiate registration on behalf of their team. The Head Coach will be responsible for paying the division price when registering a team. After that, our system will generate a specified team code for you to send out to your team. Each individual player will then complete their own registration using the code provided by the Head Coach to complete the registration questions and be listed as an official member of your team.

For more tournament information including a tentative schedule and official rules, please download our informative packet here.

Tournament Location

All games of the PTFC 3v3 Tournament will be hosted at Providence Park, down on the pitch where your Timbers and Thorns play. There is no better way to connect with Soccer City USA then stepping onto our home field.  Providence Park is located at 1844 SW Morrison St. Portland, OR 97205.

Gate B of the stadium will be open for athlete and spectator entrance. Gate B is located on the corner of 18th and Salmon St. Please note that while food and beverage can be brought in, we will NOT allow any outside alcohol to be brought into the stadium. To help mediate this, we will not allow coolers and will be performing minimal bag check upon entrance into the stadium. Please notify your team and guests of these procedures.

All athletes will need to check-in at the specified desk inside Gate B to receive their designated wristband in order to gain field access. If you purchased reserved seating wristbands for your guests, there will be a second desk where you can pick up your wristband order.

Reserved Seating Wristband:

During registration, customers will have the option to pre-purchase wristbands to gain access to a reserved seating area at center field (Section C3). This will provide the best view of all 8 tournament fields. You will also receive 2 beer/cider tokens to be used any day of the tournament. Each hospitality wristband is $25 per person, and as you sign up you will have the opportunity to purchase spectator wristbands in different quantities.


Tournament FAQ's

Can my children play together on the same team?

Yes, but the team will need to be placed in the age bracket of the oldest kid on your team. Meaning, if your 13-year-old son wants to be on a team with his 9-year-old brother, the team would be playing against other 13-year-olds boys. Siblings will also need to belong to the same identified gender to play within the respective Boys or Girls bracket.

Will I get a Tournament T-shirt?

PTFC 3v3 Tournament T-shirts will be on sale for tournament participants during registration for $25. If you want to purchase more or missed the registration sale, PTFC 3v3 Tournament T-Shirts will be on sale on the main concourse during the tournament. Please note that supply will be limited in-person and prices may be subject to change. We encourage you to bring cash, check, or card along with you. T-shirts are available to be purchased by athletes or spectators.

Can I bring my own food and drink into the stadium?

As this is a full-day, multi-day tournament we have made the exception to allow limited food and beverage into the stadium for this tournament. You are permitted to bring water bottles, sports drinks, and snacks with you to the tournament as a part of your sports bag. However, we will not allow any outside alcohol. To moderate this, we will perform minimal bag checks and have made the decision not to allow coolers of any kind. Please keep this in mind as you pack your lunches or snacks. Food, drinks, and alcohol will be available for purchase at our concession stands once inside of the stadium.

Can I take pictures of my child/participant on the field?

Only athletes will be permitted access to our field level. However, we will have a designated photo area on the main concourse where you can take team/family photos overlooking the field. The awards ceremony will be hosted on the field and moved adjacent to the spectator area so that you can take quality photos of your winning team.

Can I leave my kid?

We require that each youth participant be always supervised by an adult. Whether that is a guardian or their coach, youth participants must always remain with an adult. We will not have an official check-out process, but coaches will be required to check-in their team each day to receive that day’s schedule and bracket placement.

What time can I arrive? Where do I park?

Please see the official tournament schedule for confirmation of stadium gate open times. In general, the gates will open to the public one hour before the start of the first match session. As with Timbers or Thorns game days, parking is not provided as we are a downtown location. We recommend taking public transportation or looking for street parking in the blocks surrounding the stadium.

What should I wear?

Team uniforms must be worn, and participants are required to bring both a light and a dark colored top. Teams will be notified before each match if they are the designated home or away team which will decide what color of uniform you must be in. Shorts and socks do not need to match, but your team’s tops must at least be the same color.

Uniforms must provide full torso coverage, as well as refrain from any possible profanes design. If a uniform is deemed inappropriate by the discretion of the tournament officials and staff, the team will be asked to change. Refusal to change from an inappropriate uniform may result in disqualification from the tournament.


For any questions that remain unanswered, please reach out to us by email at [email protected]